time to get to work

Note: this is a link heavy post, but all worth the read.

Anybody paying attention to the music industry lately knows that there has been several signs of big changes coming soon. Anybody looking for some examples should read this timeline from Bob Lefsetz.

So far the major labels’ big answer has been to try to reclaim their hold on the distribution channels by developing their own ways to sell music digitally. The problem is that they just don’t understand that user experience and ease of use is the king priority in the web, while all the while the new media people are starting to wake up.

It will be interesting to see where the power shifts. Sites like Digg have proven that exposure is much easier to get these days, and that used to be the ace up the Majors’ sleeves. The question that every aspiring artist needs to answer right now is how to maximize their exposure no matter what size their playing field is.

Time to get to work.


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