I ran across this article today about a company reinventing their brand (via brand autopsy). the thing that struck me was this section at the end of the article (emphasis mine):

‘Second-rate’ creative
The reputation of the shop was equally nondescript. “They were always given credit for being good with account services, because Ray Mithun was an account guy, but the creative was thought of as a second-rate product,” said Cue President Ed Mathie. “That’s what the image was.”

Cue, Mr. Rooney and the agency’s then-new chief creative officer, Jonathan Hoffman, worked first to convince their own staff that wasn’t the case. “They needed permission to do great work,” Mr. Mathie said.

i’ve had several experiences where i’ve seen people get frustrated because they don’t feel like they have permission to do good work. if you’re not able to do your best work identify the barriers and try to eliminate them. i give you permission.


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