lessons from the music biz (pt 1: branding)

Fast Company has posted a series of videos from a panel discussion that they held on the future of the music business. Here are my thoughts on the first video in the series on branding:

  • make great music: quality of product has to be at the center of what you do.
  • don’t be cheap: balance developing new customer relationships (fans) with keeping your integrity intact (don’t become a spammer).
  • maintain a style: be intentional about making everything that people will come into contact with reflect the style of who you are. That may mean keeping control over things like website copy, etc.
  • keep it fresh/be present: One of the responsiblities that comes with keeping control of online interaction is that you have to keep things updated and keep developing content. Nothing is more lame than an out of date website

3 thoughts on “lessons from the music biz (pt 1: branding)”

  1. “Nothing is more lame than an out of date website.” PUH-LEASE tell me this means you’ll be blogging more often!!! 🙂

    I know virtually nothing about the music industry but your four points are applicable to any means of communication. It translates well. (that means I’m stealing them… which I believe probably violates rule #2.)

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