some thoughts on processes

I found myself in a conversation earlier today where I said that I would rather trust a good (community) process rather than my own biasses in making a leadership decision that effects the community. This conversation got me thinking about the tension between trusting in a process and trusting in God.

Earlier this year I read a bunch of notes Tony took down from Andy Stanley at the Drive ConferenceLast year. The first quote is what stuck in my head:

God works through systems. For example, your body is a complex system designed by God. It’s systematic and predictable. God created systems. That doesn’t make him small. Likewise, God works through systems in our ministry. Systems aren’t secular.

On flip side I was reminded of a message I heard Donald Miller (of Blue Like Jazz fame) give at Mars Hill in Michigan once where he noted that each time in scripture that Jesus did a miracle he used a different process. Donald’s point was that Jesus didn’t want us to trust in a process for miracles; he wanted us to trust in Him.


2 thoughts on “some thoughts on processes”

  1. this has been a HUGE factor in my thinking of late. i believe that God works through processes but I also believe that He sometimes chooses to step outside of the process and do the extraordinary. The question is … when do you trust in process and when do you wait for the miracle?

  2. I like that. Trusting in Jesus. It seems like Jesus always moved according to His Father. Not that he asked Him “how” or “what” everytime he performed a miracle or taught the people… but He was definitely submitted to Him and His authority. So in the same manner, submitting our processes or ideas to Him or asking him to “submit” them to us as well.

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