apple changes the game

There is a lot of talk going around about the new iPhone that was announced yesterday, and as cool as that may be (and it is). I think that what everyone missed was the other product that was discussed during the keynote yesterday:

The Apple TV

A few years ago Apple did what no one was expecting and created a legit music player/store combo that has changed the way people listen to and buy music. In 2006 CD sales dropped another 5% while downloads increased by 65%. Although I don’t forsee the Apple TV having quite the same effect with DVDs (most people don’t need their entire movie collection to be portable) it does set the stage for what could be the next wave in how we get content to our TVs. With the Apple TV you could now easily keep all of your favorite TV shows, movies, etc. in a digital format on your computer, show them on your TV and take them with you when your away from home without having to lug around a huge collection of digital discs. I wonder how many homes will adopt this or a similar device in the future and ditch the discs as more catalogs of movies and shows become available for download online.


2 thoughts on “apple changes the game”

  1. You KNOW mine will. As long as it plugs in … I want it! of course you are hearing from an unemployed guy here so take that with a grain of salt!

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