Buddy – the real deal

OK – photo quality aside, this dude is not just a hall of fame blues man, but one amazing performer. I just finished seeing him play and this show immediately jumps to near the top of my favorite live shows list.

Kelli got me tickets to the show as a bit of a surprise Christmas treat and for once I think she was glad to see me excited about a gift that I opened (I have a long history of bad reactions).

A few highlights from the show:

  • Buddy came out in his trademark overalls holding his polka-dot strat…don’t mess with a good thing
  • If you’ve never seen Buddy do his “point & play” shtick you’re missing out
  • Buddy educated us all on the history of blues riffs from Muddy to EC to Jimi (I thought the place was going to explode when he started the purple haze riff).
  • The best part was when Buddy came down into the crowd and played for about 10 minutes (as shown above) – insane.

If you ever get a chance to see this man play; don’t walk, don’t run, get in your car and drive 120MPH to your closest ticket dealer (or just go online) and make sure you don’t miss him.


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