bk games & positive experiences

In my last post I hinted at an idea that I think is really powerful in creating positive experiences for people:

impressions = experiences – expectation

I’ve had many experiences that illustrate this idea, but one positive experience that I had in the last few days was with the new promotional video games put out by Burger King. When you think of video games put out by a fast food joint you probably (like me) don’t have any expectations for them being any good, but these guys nailed it. The graphics aren’t shabby, the characters are fun, and (best of all) the game play is really fun. I played the bumper cars hockey game in “Big Bumpin” for hours yesterday. BTW – they also nailed the copy on the box when they say:

Bumper cars & Hockey. How has no one else thought of this?

All that fun and for only $4 a game from a burger place (not to mention that they throw in x-box live gaming). That’s called delivering above expectations. I’m having it my way.


One thought on “bk games & positive experiences”

  1. Right you are. I thought maybe you were kidding when you showed me the games. Then I thought you were in for a bit of a disappointment when you plug them in. But if they held your imagination captive for that long …. they work! It makes you wonder … $4 per game? How did they do that?

    But back to your point. Your expectations were “zero.” Your experience was a “10.” And now you are blogging about it which will RAISE the expectations of anybody that reads this blog and decides to try it. I’d love to hear how that works out for them. Could your positive experience be their downfall? Hmmmm….

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