the day that was joe

Just a few things that had me thinking today:

  1. When I’ve completed a task I don’t want to this guy given credit. Good or bad I’ll take it myself.
  2. A friend went to see a Christmas concert over the weekend. The tickets promised free cheese and wine. When she arrived she sat at a table with complete strangers who had already drank the complimentary wine and she was told that there would be a charge for additional wine. Bad planning from the event organizers (not bad table manners) created a bad overall experience for her that evening. Lesson learned: No matter how good an event may be, a person’s final experience will be based on their expectation (aka – promise less and deliver more).
  3. I watched the Dave Chappelle interview on Inside the Actors Studio tonight (which was hillarious btw). One story that Dave told that I thought was great was that he used to spend a lot of time in comedy clubs when he was younger watching other comics. He would go on the weekends to find out what comics were doing that were getting paid and then went to open mic nights during the week to find out why some comics were not getting paid.

One thought on “the day that was joe”

  1. Ok, I don’t understand #1 AT ALL!

    #2 … I am SO with you. Actions do speak louder than words. Their words promised something and their actions blew apart. Try sayiing “I love you” to Kelli while waving your fist in the air and snarling your face in anger. Which will she choose to believe? Your words or your actions? Same premise I think.

    #3 … A lot of ministers (aka: preachers) do the same things. They just will not admit to it.

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