thematic goal setting

On Monday night the worship staff team at First Free (including myself) sat around a room and tried to answer one simple question: “What is the one thing that we must accomplish in the next 6-9 months in order to declare success?” Before I get to the answer that we came up with let me explain the back story.

Earlier this year I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Conference and heard Patrick Lencioni speak about unifying a team of people around a thematic goal. In his talk he explained a process from his book Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars that would help a team arrive at a shared thematic goal and the defining objectives of that goal.

I had been eager to try this out with our team since then, but recently have felt that it was something that our team would need to do in order to be successful over the next 6 (or so) months. After about 2 hours we came to an agreement on the following goals and objectives…

thematic goal: to create a successful and sustainable ministry that can transition well to new leadership

defining objectives:

  • – maintain unity within the worship volunteer community
  • – keep good communication and accountability within the staff team and make prayer a priority
  • – do Sunday services well
  • – keep the church engaged in worship
  • – establish good communication and support with the church leadership

There are many other standard operating objectives that we always have to focus on in order to be successful, but I feel like if we can do these 5 things well over the next 6 months than we will have succeeded…and there will be a celebration.


One thought on “thematic goal setting”

  1. I think you guys hit several nails on the head. Any worship pastor that comes in the future should be thrilled to find that you guys did this. Nice planning ahead. Now … making it happen. That’s where it will be interesting. I’ll be anxious to watch and see you guys “hit it out of the park.” I have no doubt you are able. Sic ’em!

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