inject more life into your time

I’m reading You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader by Mark Sandborn. I’m about half-way through, and so far there are a lot of great quotes from this book. One that caught my attention was:

You can’t inject more time into your life. The challenge for all of us is to put more life into our time. In other words, making more progress, getting more results, and making greater contributions. That is what acting like a real leader is all about.

update: I agree with Ron’s comment below that in some ways you can get more out of your time by being intentional in how you use it. There is only so much productivity that you can manage without first focusing the efforts of your time and decluttering all of the distractions that steal our energy away from living for greater things.

Focus + Simplification = Getting more life into (out of?) your time


One thought on “inject more life into your time”

  1. That sounds so simple and yet making it into a reality is so hard. Not because we don’t want to but because the boundries of life … or perhaps a better way to phrase it is the commitments of life … suck up so much of our time that their seems little discretionary time to inject anything into. Therefore I think it’s imperitive that we find ways to put more time into our life by simplifying. We do too much. We are to busy. We have forgotten the entire sabbath commandment. until we reclaim what God GAVE us and COMMANDED us to take we will always be able to “inject more time” into our lives by converting the profane business into the sacred rest and revitalization.

    Just my thought. I’m unemployed so time is no problem at the moment. AND I’M LOVING IT!

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