notes from kem pt 3

  • Framing depends on your audience (file sharing vs. stealing music)
  • If you say ‘yes’ too often you lose your credibility. You’ll spend more time saying ‘no’ (redirecting is saying no in a positive way)
  • You can’t fix problems by throwing a policy at it
  • Is it a tool or just cool?
  • What problem is this solving?
  • What is the return in ministry (what will stop if we don’t do this)?
  • Make time to have conversations (GCC does 50% split conversation/implementation)
  • We don’t define the message, we protect and extend the message
  • Reasons people don’t want to work with communications:
    • they’re controlling
    • not relevant (don’t have a clue)
    • they make my job harder / get in the way on ministry
  • You want people to say “thank you” not why should I do this (ask; don’t tell)
  • Start with coaching before you result to censoring (suggesting before editing)
  • Share nuggets of info, blogs, books, etc.
  • It’s not their (staffs) job to understand me, it’s my job to understand them
  • Show you can follow before you lead

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