notes from kem pt 2

  • idea: Know your audience (demographically and personality)
  • Focus your center and those attributes will spill over into other areas
  • Why would these people spend their time and attention on you (is it worth the effort?)
  • What is their comfort zone?
  • What do they do with their extra time, money, etc.
  • What do they hate?
  • We need to follow our leaders
  • idea: Remove the barriers entry (pay attention to consistency, signage, information, etc.)
  • If only one person knows how to do your job than you’re in trouble
  • Have someone editing your content
  • Change your church vocab so you don’t send people into the marketplace as wierdos
  • idea: Reduce the noise (simplify everything our audience sees and touches)
  • The info that we intend to be helpful becomes mostly junk mail
  • Just because it’s cool doesn’t mean you should do it (ask: is this simplifying the message)
  • Idea: Tell one story at a time
  • Don’t spent a lot of time answering questions that aren’t being asked
  • One story = all ministries work as one team
  • Talent and resources should go to reach 80% of the audience
  • Invest in people on the bubble (we don’t ignore the core people, we just don’t have to “dazzle” them).
  • Prioritize biggest return on ministry
  • Idea: Don’t implement anything that you can’t maintain
  • Idea: Have some fun & take some risks

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