notes from kem meyer 1

  • True creativity is when you have less resources
  • We all carry our own biases/assumptions at all times (triggers)
  • Assume, judge, bias less to communicate more (speak respectfully)
  • No one likes change, but churches are in the business of change
  • Good communication identifies a world-view and then wraps the message around it; bad communication tries to change a world-view
  • You’re not in control of how a message is perceived
  • Myth: content does not create the conversations (world-views do)
  • Too often the church tells a story that doesn’t match their message
  • Myth: the more choices the better
  • People have almost everything that they need except time
  • Myth: advertising creates interest and reinforces the brand
  • A brand is an experience – create experiences, not advertising
  • Myth: people care about what you have to say
  • We remember 10% of what we read; 20% of what we hear; 30% of what we see; %40 of what we do; 100% of what we feel – spend more time on the experience than the promotions
  • Myth: It worked before, so it will work again (your audience in changing faster than you are)

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